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Glass Art Karola Dischinger

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About 20 years ago I started with a fusing class and quickly realized I wanted to do much more with glass. For the first time I attended Bild-Werk Frauenau in 2002, and in 2003 I went to Penland School of Crafts, in North Carolina, for a two-month session in glass blowing. Since then I have taken many classes with various artists and developed my skills in glass blowing, casting, roll ups, and warm glass techniques like pate de verre and printing.

While my early glasswork involved creating series-related pieces, such as variations of nautilus shells and of spinning tops, in recent years I have focused on works rooted in my pre-glasswork experiences in Human Resources management. This shift has allowed me to delve into my main interests—people’s actions, character, relationships, and values. I like exploring these sorts of topics in metaphorical and symbolic ways, often with a dash of wry humor.

Glass allows me great expressive freedom in examining topics such as how individuals’ experiences and views are affected by organizational pressures, how individuals can stay true to themselves while supporting others, and how people can find their own meaningful pathways in life. Glass can be a medium for such explorations, especially since I create pieces that don’t focus on depictions of the human body or of humans involved in activities, but I find great pleasure in the interpretive challenges.

For my first solo show, “Modern times” (Jan/Feb 2018, in Basel), the biggest influence was my work in Human Resources and what I’d learned over time, working with and for people, listening, supporting, and consulting. I experienced how organizations work and what happens to the “human resources” — how human beings are seen merely in terms of “head counts” and “manpower” in our world focused on facts and figures. These topics remain of vital interest to me.

In developing new works, my overall approach involves brainstorming, pursuing research, and figuring out the techniques that would be needed before I start working on specific pieces, changing and improving as I go. When I start out with an idea that has captured my attention, I don’t begin with concern about whether or not individual pieces or the group of pieces will actually work out. Instead, I focus on how to use glass to develop underlying themes and questions, how to bring my ideas to life, and how to look beyond glass objects’ appealing appearance. For me, my work is a way of seeking and sharing meaning in life.

Member of the Swiss Society of Women Artists in the Visual Arts - sgbk.ch

Member of  Verarte, Forum Swiss Glass Art - verarte.ch


2018 Glasrijk, NL-Tubbergen
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2018 Soloshow "Modern Times", CH-Basel
2017 Vitro Musée Romont, Glass for living
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2016 Internationale Glastage, D-Zwiesel
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2012 Eisch Galerie, D-Frauenau
2012 Internationale Glastage, D-Zwiesel
2011 Glass Inspiration, CH-Burgdorf
2011 Vitro Festival, CH-Romont
2011 Lifebalance,CH-Volketswil
2004 Glass Inspiration,CH-Burgdorf


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