While researching for my piece "Each Small Cog" I came across Chaplin's film Modern Times. The film was shot from 1933 - 1936 but has lost nothing of its significance. In many scenes, the viewer finds references that apply to issues in today's working world.

When I recognized that fact, many current buzzwords representing major work-related issues and challenges came into my mind - ones like mass dismissals, headcount, golden handshake, mobbing, teamwork, rope teams, networks and work-related alcohol and drug abuse. Many problems have arisen from the corporate emphasis on optimal ratings, profits, savings, synergy effects, resource management and shareholder value rather than on organizational stability, job availability, enhanced work content or employees' development. On such issues, I saw many parallels to the themes in Chaplin's film.

It is important to me, with the Modern Times pieces, to give viewers food for thought by inspiring them to question conditions, seek parallels with their own lives, and perhaps even smile wryly about perspectives on work/life issues.
I want my work to inspire deep thinking about the need for companies and employees to focus less on profits and career advancement and, instead, think more deeply about human needs, cooperative efforts, and life-enhancing goals.
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